Beuchat DIP depth gauge

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The D.I.P. (Diving Instrument for Professionals) is an advanced depth gauge/timer for Technical or Professional divers.

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Product Description

Advanced depth gauge/timer The D.I.P. (Diving Instrument for Professionals) is an advanced depth gauge/timer for Technical or Professional divers. 

This instrument is a strong, wrist worn piece of equipment with a “navigation” function enabling pre-recording of details designed to help a diver control the direction of his dive and his horizontal movements more accurately than by traditional “hit and miss” methods.
“NAV” mode: One or several dive scenarios are loaded into the instrument’s memory in the form of a series of numbers or ‘segments’, each segment taking into account a specific compass heading and swimming time (h/min/sec). The diver just follows the dive instructions indicated by the D.I.P. and can concentrate on non-navigational aspects of his dive.

• Clarity of information
• Timer mode
• Digital display of ascent rate 
• Time: Hours/Minutes/Seconds
• Automatic altitude compensation
• Replaceable battery
The D.I.P. includes two separate and commutable modes:
1) Normal depth gauge/timer mode “NORM”:
• Actual depth/maximum depth
• Dive time (H : Min : Sec)
• Ascent rate in bar graph form with speed warning alarm
– A choice of two ascent rates is offered:
– French Navy (MN) tables and international sport diving standards
• Digital display of ascent rate in real time
• Local time (h/min/sec)
• Timer mode: On/Off/Reset
• Altitude
• Temperature, actual PPO2
• High PPO2 alarm.
2) “Navigation” mode “NAV”:
• Depth information display: current depth
• Segments of dive recorded by PC interface with :
– Compass heading (H)
– Time/countdown (CDT)
– Segment n° (SN). Maximum number of recordable segments: 99
– Total time elapsed since beginning of the dive (H : Min) (EDT)
Main characteristics:
• Maximum dive time: 9 h 59 min
• Automatic altitude compensation. Maximum altitude: 4270 m/14000 feet
• Maximum operating depth: 120 metres/400 feet
• Operating temperature when immerged: -2°C/+35°C. When stored out of water: -6°C/+60°C
• Electro luminescent low consumption lighting (switch activated)
• Automatic turn on and off (wet contact activated) or manual
• Power: 3 V lithium type CR2450 battery. Easily replaced by user. Shelf life: 5 years
• Battery life (with lighting on, permanently set at 50% of power): 50 hours in “NAV” mode
• Maximum number of dives recorded: 24 most recent (Memo mode)
• Data transfer by PC interface.
• Data management to PC:
– Download: Dive profiles in depth/time chart format
– Upload: Pre-recorded dive scenario: n° of segments/compass headings + swim times
• PC interface system (cable/USB port + software CD)
Ref. 340 095 supplied separately.

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