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Product Description

iX3M Reb
The best computer in the world to be combined with your rebreather. 

Dive Modes:

Air, Nitrox, Trimix, CCR with Connector for Rebreathers, Gauge AVG.


Settable Mix:

10 Gas
+3 Diluents



Buhlmann ZHL-16B
and VPM-B


Algorithms adjustment:

User settable Gradient Factor and Critical Bubble Radius



Vibration, Acoustic, Visual






2.8 inc. 320×240 pixel


Max Depth:




Read the technical
specifications of
the iX3M.

Read the iX3M user’s manual. 

CO2 and O2 (x3)sensors for the Rebeather
The World’s First.

Using the dedicated Sensor Board the iX3M can monitor up to 3 Oxygen sensors and 1 Carbon dioxide sensor directly connected to your Rebreather.

Please check the availability of the Sensor board
dedicated for your Rebreather model.
It thinks like a Rebreather
3 Diluents + Automatic or Manual SET POINT

Let the iX3M switch automatically the Set Points
or change them manually.

Set up to 3 different diluents and set
the Algoritm’s Gradient Factors (or Critical Bubble Radius for VPM).

The iX3M can work perfectly with any kind of Rebreather.


Global Navigation Satellite System
Just set a point, the iX3M will bring you there. 
A state of the art GNSS that can use all type of satellites systems (GPS; GLONASS; QZSS; SBAS; BEIDOU) provided by all the major nations (USA, Russia, Japan, and China) for a perfect worldwide signal.



  • Set the coordinates of a point and go there.
  • Mark your current coordinates and back there. (e.g. a dive-point or the boat)
  • Track your position, speed and direction. (e.g. to give them to a rescue team
N.B. The satellite signal is not received underwater

More Satellite features will come by free updates.
You’ll never imagine the iX3M’s potential. 

A true Double Core Algorithm:
Buhlmann ZHL16B + VPM-B

The iX3M features both
the Buhlmann ZHL16-B
and the VPM-B Algorithm.

Both pre-installed, in complete versions
and running in Real Time.

You have just to choose from the iX3M menu which Algorithm to use for your dive.

User Settable Gradient Factors and Critical Bubble Radius.
Make the Algorithm yours.

With the iX3M you can adjust the Gradient Factors (for Buhlmann ZHL 16-B)
and the Critical Bubble Radius (for VPM-B)Set the iX3M’s Algorithm according to your physical conditions
and to the type of dive you are going to perform.

Directly from the menu of the iX3M computer.
This is a true Technical Dive Computer.

Real Time Algorithms.
Maximum of flexibility, reliability and performance.

The iX3M series integrates the real and complete Algorithm to calculate your current tissue saturation and afterwards decompression profile in real time.This allows to obtain reliable and very safe decompression profiles

.The iX3M Real Time algorithms are so flexible that you can also change their conservatism during the dive.

Most dive computers algorithms make interpolation of stored data to calculate decompression profiles of the dive profile made by the diver. A cheap way to do it, but you have to adapt your dive to the profiles stored in the dive computer.

The iX3M is neither more nor less conservative in comparison with the other computers. It is just “right”.


Repetitive dives management.
More dives a day in more days: no problem at all.

Featuring the Real time Algorithms the iX3M calculates your real tissue saturation status and calculates your repetitive dive profile according to your previous dives.This means that your profile is always optimized, even after more days of repetitive dives.

Vacation Day 1: Dive 1 at 10:30 AM; Dive 2 at 03:15 PM

Vacation Day 2: Dive 1 at 11:15 AM; Dive 2 at 04:30 PM

Vacation Day 3: Dive 1 at 9:30 AM; Dive 2 at 03:15 PM; Dive 3 at 8:00 PM

Vacation Day 4: Dive 1 at 10:30 AM; Dive 2 at 03:15 PM

Vacation Day 5: No-Fly break

Vacation Day 6: Fly back to home

Deep Stop, Deco Stop and Safety Stop
Fully customizable, All of them! Safety Stop in your agency’s style 
Set the Depth and the time of the Safety stop.
Your certification agency will be happy. 
Deep Stops in all styles 
Deep Stops OFF, with Standard method or with PyleMethod. It’s up to you. 


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